Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

The perfect wedding starts with the perfect announcement. A wedding announcement means more than a post on Facebook, and it even extends beyond the traditional printed announcements we send out in the mail. Through the services we offer we have created a new interactive wedding announcement experience well deserved for one of the best days of your life.

What services do we offer?

What is included in a wedding website?

What is included with the print announcements?

How much does a website/print announcement package cost?

How do I get started?

Go here -

What happens after my wedding?

Your site is not only a great place to announce your big news, it is also a great place for people to see photos and videos of what happened on your wedding day. If you'd like we can design a 'post-wedding' site that focuses more on the event and what took place.

Your site will be up for free 6 months after your wedding. If you want us to continue to host it, it's just $5 per month after that.

If you are interested in having a digital copy of your website or a custom print of your website we can do that too, also be sure to ask about our awesome photo books!

Can you help me find a photographer/videographer?

Yes! A big part of the announcement process and a vital part of remembering your special day comes through photography and videography. We know a number of very talented people who can help you capture all your special moments, find one here.

Can I see some more examples of your wedding websites?