Angie In Trent's Words

Trent has only great things to say about his fiancé. He describes Angie as a “selfless person who always finds a way to put others’ needs before her own.” Trent also loves how good she is at everything she puts her mind to. Angie has a unique knack for photography, has a stalwart faith in God, can always put a smile on Trent’s face and seems to always find a way to motivate him to be a better man.

Some of Trent’s favorite memories of Angie consist of the times they have traveled together. They consider themselves very lucky to been able to travel so much at such a young time in their lives.

Trent In Angie's Words

Angie could talk all day about all the great characteristics Trent possesses: Besides an intense appreciation for his red hair she also finds so many important qualities in her soon-to-be husband: “He is kind, loving, quiet, goofy, wise and compassionate…” Angie said. She often refers to him as “rock-solid” because he is steadfast and has been a constant in her life from the day they first met.

One of Angie’s favorite memories with Trent so far was the first time he asked her to dance. Angie was a little surprised by the romantic gesture but gladly accepted his hand anyways. It has since become one of their favorite things to do together.


Trent and Angie’s wedding is a long time coming. Trent first asked Angie to marry him more than two years ago and although she said yes, the ring and formal engagement happened in a more magical place (hint: think Mickey Mouse, castle, fireworks and Florida). However, from the beginning Trent and Angie have always found excuses to spend time together. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, running, watching movies or even doing homework, their love has always been a motivating factor to find a way to be together no matter what. They have even adopted the same hobbies so they can do things they love, like run a 15 mile obstacle course race in freezing weather (which they have actually done together).

Although Trent and Angie haven't officially tied the knot yet, they have been working on becoming one for a long time now and can’t wait to make it official on their wedding day.

WeddingBy invite only

May 25  •  5:00 pm

The Inn at Wild Rose Hall

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ReceptionBy invite only

May 25  •  6:00 pm

The Inn at Wild Rose Hall

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Our beautiful engagement photos were taken by the wonderful - Hannah Royer

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    Our beautiful engagement photos were taken by the wonderful - Hannah Royer


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