About the Bride Lauren

Lauren has a passion for life that is contagious. This passion has driven her to accomplish a lot so far. She has worked for various production companies in Los Angeles as an aspiring sitcom writer, studied abroad in London studying Shakespeare and volunteered for the group called “Big Brothers Big Sisters” where she has been working as a mentor to a 13 year old girl. Lauren (just like Taran) is also a complete package: smart, pretty and fun. Lauren loves traveling, television, writing and most of all, her fiancé. Lauren has been counting down the days (literally) until she can officially claim the love of her life for time and all eternity.

About the Groom Taran

Lauren has known from day one that Taran was a catch. He is not only handsome, caring and extremely thoughtful, he is smart — truly one of a kind. Taran works as a biomedical engineer and is a perfectionist. He recently won an award for a medical device he invented. Taran also has a personality that everybody immediately takes a liking to. Making friends seems to happen effortlessly for Taran and it’s not uncommon to have a few invites to hang out on any given night. One of the things that Lauren loves most about Taran is how supportive he is. Lauren has never questioned that he would support her through thick and thin, forever.

Love story Together forever

Taran and Lauren met at school. Lauren decided to go to a religion class with her friend once a week — a decision that forever changed her life. The couple met in the class and it quickly became both of their favorite times during the week. They immediately hit it off. In fact, Lauren spent most of the time shushing Taran because they would laugh and talk through every class period. Soon after meeting, Lauren asked Taran if he wanted to go to a hockey game with some friends. It ended up only being Taran and Lauren who went but Taran made an everlasting impression on her. When he picked her up, he brought candy and a blanket so she’d be happy and warm. And that is how their relationship has always been. They’ve always taken care of each other and preferred each other’s company more than any other. Taran and Lauren have experienced so much together already and can’t wait to continue experiencing what life has in store for them as Mr. and Mrs. Packer.

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The Wedding

-- By Invite Only --

WHEN: Feb 8  •  1:00 pm

WHERE: Oquirrh Mountain Temple

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The Luncheon

-- By Invite Only --RSVP

WHEN: Feb 8  •  3:30 pm

WHERE: The Woods on Ninth

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The Reception

-- Everyone Welcome --

WHEN: Feb 8  •  6:30 - 8:30 pm

WHERE: The Woods on Ninth

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