Brittan loves Kevin’s zest for life. “He is passionate about everything. Whether it’s the Jazz, music, twitter etc., he loves life and has so many passions… I love that about him.” Brittan also loves his “pep-talks.” She surprised herself because she didn’t want to get married when she met Kevin. He has changed her mind and she’s never thought twice about her decision. “He is so great and I can’t wait to get married to him!”


Although Kevin loves sports and anything outdoors, Brittan has become his new hobby. He says, “I knew I loved her when I would pick her over watching the Jazz.” Another new hobby Kevin has picked up is making Brittan laugh. “She has a cute little laugh and it makes me want to be a better person. It’s addicting and contagious. That is a serious thing I needed in a spouse.”

Their love Story

It was all about timing for this couple. Brittan and Kevin met in late 2010 but it took a while to really get to know each other. Kevin remembers exactly what he thought the first time he saw Brittan: “She’s a hottie!” Likewise, Brittan remembers thinking, “he must have a girlfriend because he is really cute and a really great guy.” From there, destiny had to work hard to get these two together for good. They saw each other multiple times but were never in a situation where they could talk and get to know each other. Finally, they were at the same basketball game and ended up sitting just a few seats apart. Both Brittan and Kevin wanted to bridge that gap but they had to wait patiently until the game was over. After the game, they were walking to some post-game festivities and it was then that Kevin finally put the moves on. They talked for more than 4 hours -- neither of them were willing to end the night together. Around 4 a.m., they finally parted ways, igniting a flame that made them realize there was something different about that night.

From there, Brittan and Kevin were almost inseparable. Almost. During the summer Kevin went to work in Milwaukee and Brittan went to work in North Dakota. As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” They talked every day and Kevin even flew Brittan out to Milwaukee for a week during the Fourth of July. Being apart for that long summer solidified their feelings and it wasn’t long before they decided they wanted to get married.

Brittan and Kevin love to be outside together. The weekend they got engaged, the couple went to Bear Lake. They spent the day Geocaching and on the way home Kevin decided to make one more stop before returning home. Stopping in Tony Grove, they canoed and then walked through the candlelit paths Kevin had arranged to be set up. They finally got to the designated spot and Brittan read a letter Kevin had written her. When she was done reading the letter, Kevin proposed (she obviously said yes). They “cried, laughed and just loved each other” before having to go back home.

All photos by Heather Nan Photography



By Invite Only

The couple will be sealed for time and all eternity. Some of their closest family and friends will be invited.

10:20 am

The Salt Lake City Temple



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1:00 pm

Tucanos - Salt Lake




Come enjoy the evening and celebrate their new lives together with dinner & dancing!

6:30 - 9:00 pm

The Atrium at SL Hardware

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