Sarah In Connor's Words

From the moment I laid eyes on Sarah, I knew she was someone I wanted to have in my life. Beyond her undeniable beauty, there was an extra something about her that I found captivating and engaging. I made it my mission to know everything I could about her. The more time I got to spend with Sarah and know her heart, the happier I became and the more I wanted to be a better person. One of my favorite traits about Sarah is her drive. She has this innate ability to create a vision for what she wants and tackle it head on. She’s fearless! I love that we can be goofy together and just laugh! Some of my favorite times with Sarah have been just laughing until our cheeks hurt - even if it’s an uncontrollable belly laugh mid-kiss. Many more laughing kisses to come!

When I knew I wanted to marry Sarah…

After our first date, I had no desire to date anyone else. After a few short weeks, I began to have feelings that she was someone I could love and love forever. About two months into dating, we took a weekend trip up to her grandparent's lake house at Bear Lake. We spent the weekend laughing and talking for hours out on the dock. It was this trip that I fell madly in love with Sarah. I knew from that point on she was going to my best friend and future wife!

Connor In Sarah's Words

Besides the obvious babe factor, Connor had all the right qualities that made me fall head over heels for him. From day one, I could tell his top priority was getting to know me (fun fact for those I haven’t told: it took him 9 weeks to kiss me) …Date after date, and every day of seeing each other, he kept the questions coming. One thing that impressed me right off the bat was Connor’s great attention to detail. Even when I hadn’t remembered telling him about my week, he knew my schedule better than I did. I love how respectful he is and I especially love how thoughtful he is. Connor is probably the most loyal person I know!! He will literally drop whatever he is doing to help a friend in need. His family brings him the most joy and I love how often he talks about our future family. Most of all, Connor keeps me close to God. He has such a personal and loving relationship with him that together helps build our relationship on faith. There are a million and one reasons I can’t wait to marry you Bills!!!

Fake Engagements

Only 3 months into our relationship, we were asked by a close friend to fake some engagements for his photography site. Excited to model with my hot boyfriend but more excited to stage him as my fiancé, I happily agreed. The whole shoot I wished it were real. Maybe it was the romantic stare downs or the incessant kissing, but I was sold! Our friend actually joked about editing in a ring during the shoot! Though I didn’t want to scare Connor, I secretly was waiting for him to propose right then and there. ...but like our first kiss, I knew I had to wait.


Our beautiful engagement photos were taken by -Kayla Brooke PhotoKenzie Gossling Photo


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